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Mon Nov 6 18:11:25 2006 UTC (16 years, 7 months ago) by apollock
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2 wOEc@s)dkZdkZdfd„ƒYZdS(NtFrontendcBsPtZdZdd„Zd„Zd„Zd„Zd„Zd„Zd„Z RS( s(Class for operating on a MythTV frontendi’cCs(||_||_t|_d|_dS(N(thosttselftporttFalsetreadytNonetsocket(RRR((tMythTV/Frontend.pyt__init__ s   cCs_tiƒ|_|ii|i|ifƒ|iidƒiƒddjo t|_ndS(s#Create a connection to the frontendiiÿÿÿÿs# N( RRtconnectRRtrecvt
3 splitlinestTrueR(R((Rt_connects
4 #cCs<|io.|iid|ƒ|iidƒiƒSndS(sSend a command to the frontends%s
5 iN(RRRtsendtcmdR R (RR((Rt_sendcmds
6 cCs·h}|iƒ|idƒdidƒ}|d|d<|ddjo>|d|d<|d|d <|d
7 |d <|d |d <|d|d<|didƒdidƒ}tit |dƒt |dƒt |dƒƒ|d<|didƒdidƒ}ti t |dƒt |dƒt |dƒƒ|d<|ddjo5|i |d|di ƒ|di ƒƒ|d<q³n+|ddjon|ddjon|S(s2Return what location the front end is currently insquery locationit twheretPlaybackitwhatitpositionitlengthitspeeditchaniditTt-trecdatet:trectimetRecordedttitlet PlaybackBoxtMainMenuN(tlocationRRRtsplittresultRtdatetimetdatetintRttimet recordingt isoformat(RR#RRR%((RR#"s,
8  7 79cCsD|iƒ|id|||fƒdidƒ}di|dƒS(s7Returns recording information for a specified recordingsquery recording %s %sT%siRiN( RRRRRRR$R%tjoin(RRRRR%((RR*Bs
9 )cCs2|iƒ|idƒd}|djondS(sPauses the playbacksplay speed pauseitOKN(RRRR%(RR%((RtpauseLs
11  cCs2|iƒ|idƒd}|djondS(sResumes playbacksplay speed normaliR-N(RRRR%(RR%((RtplayVs
13  (
14 t__name__t
15 __module__t__doc__R RRR#R*R.R/(((RRs  
17 (RR&R(RRR&((Rt?s  


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