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Wed Jun 28 04:30:16 2006 UTC (17 years, 5 months ago) by apollock
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Initial import of changelogs.debian.net

1 apollock 4 This is the source code for changelogs.debian.net
3     Stick the apache.conf file somewhere it'll be included in with your
4     webserver configuration, the changelogs.cron needs to go into /etc/cron.d and
5     probably have the time of execution adjusted to suit.
7     Copy update_source to /usr/local/sbin, or adjust the crontab file to refer to
8     the location you do put it in.
10     You'll need to customise update_sources to suit your site as well.
12     All of this is Copyright (c) Andrew Pollock 2006, but permission to use,
13     modify distribute and all that jazz is hereby granted under the GNU
14     General Public license v2.
16     Love and sloppy kisses,
18     Andrew

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